Danish Coffee Cakes and Donuts

Recipes for Yeasted and Chocolate Cake Donuts

Danish Ring
For ring- Spread pastry cream in center. It acts like the glue to stick everything together.

Roll it up like a jelly roll. Roll it out a bit further to lengthen it. Egg wash the ends of the roll and pinch the sides together.

Cut slices into the sides with a bench scraper. Fan out the sides and arrange them nicely.

Brush top with egg wash and let proof.

Brush again with wash before baking.

Brush with apricot glaze while still hot.

Strip Coffee Cake
-Cut strips on each side leaving the center in tact.
Fill the center with filling.
Brush the strips on the sides with egg wash. Pull the strips into the center like a braid, one on
top of another. Brush top with egg wash and proof.
Brush again with wash before baking.
-Brush with apricot glaze when still warm.
Yeast Donuts
1 lb Water
1.5 oz Yeast (use .5 oz of Osmotolerant yeast)
3 oz Shortening
4 oz Sugar
.5 oz Salt
.5 t Mace
1.5 oz NFMS
4 oz Eggs
1 lb 13 oz Bread Flour

Chocolate Cake Donuts
1.5 oz Shortening
4 oz Sugar
.5 t Salt
¾ oz NFMS
¼ oz Vanilla
1.5 oz Eggs
.5 oz Yolks
10 oz Cake Flour
6 oz Bread Flour
1.25 oz Cocoa
¼ oz Baking Powder
.1 oz Baking Soda
8.5 oz Water
Yeast donuts biological leavening- yeast
Cake donuts- chemical leavening- baking powder and soda

Yeast Donuts
Modified straight dough method
-withhold sugar, salt and fat. Withhold sugar when it’s greater than 13%, and withhold the fat when it’s less than 5%.
-Add milk powder, mace (spice similar to nutmeg), add eggs, water and yeast.
-Mix on speed 1 until it comes together, 3 minutes.
-When the dough forms, add the salt and sugar.
-You want to develop gluten fully because there is no manipulation of the dough later.
-Mix on speed 2, 3-4 minutes.
-When gluten forms, then add the fat- the fat shortens the gluten strands- keeps them from forming.

-When the sides of the bowl are cleaner, the dough is a little sticky and soft, you can begin to add the shortening.
Intensive mix- forms gluten completely, oxidizes the dough- which you can’t avoid if in an intensive mix, it gives a lot of structure.
A lot of heat is generated by friction- if making the dough in larger quantity use cold water.
-Ferment for 1.5 hrs.
Shaping Donuts
-Roll out dough on well floured surface, flip onto smooth side down.
-Roll to ½” thick, chill before cutting because otherwise when proofing it will rise too fast and shrink.

-Punch donuts into shapes and proof.
-For filled donut don’t cut out the center with the small ring.
-For regular donut, cut out center with proportionately smaller ring. Do same for yeast and cake dough.

-Bismarck’s- roll to ¼” thick and fill like ravioli. Use egg wash around edge and top with another circle of dough. Seal the edges.
-Fry in deep fryer about 3 mintues until golden brown. Finish with cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, or chocolate ganache. Fill rounds with fruit or cream fillings.
Chocolate Cake Donuts
-Creaming method.
-Shortening in mixer. Add salt, extract, milk solids, and sugar.

-Sift flours, cocoa, and leavening agents.
-Shortening is 100% fat versus butter at 82%. With shortening there is less of a chance of breaking the emulsion.
-Mix the eggs together and slowly add them to the mixer.
-Add all the flour, and slowly pour in the water as it is mixing.

-It is like a quickbread, a little faster than the yeasted donuts.
-Rest dough to relax the gluten and the fat will harden a little in the cooler.
-Dust with flour a sheet of parchment and forma round flat shape with the dough on top.
-Let rest in cooler for 30 minutes.
-Fry in deep fryer for about 3 minutes.
-Finish with powdered sugar or glaze with flat icing.

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