Griddle Cakes: Crêpes, Buttermilk Pancakes, Waffles

1 lb 8 oz Bread Flour
1 lb 8 oz Cake Flour
6 oz Sugar
1.5 oz Salt
36 oz Eggs
6 lbs Milk
15 oz Clarified Butter

-Combine flour, sugar, and salt.
-Add to eggs to dry ingredients.
-Slowly add milk.
-Mix until no lumps in batter. Add clarified butter.
-Let rest for 2 hrs in cooler. Strain batter for any lumps before cooking.

The bread flour gives structure and the cake flour gives tenderness. Mix the dry ingredients; you want no lumps in the batter. Add a little milk to the eggs and then add that to the drys. Then add the rest of the milk when most of the lumps are gone. Mix and then add the clarified butter. Resting it for 2 hours settles the air bubbles and absorbs the starch and the batter gets thicker. There is not a lot of gluten development because there is a lot of milk. Most of the structure comes from the eggs. The batter is very runny and liquidy; make sure the lumps are gone. Be careful when adding the butter; you want to make a good emotion so slowly pour/mix it in. Strain it and chill for 2 hours. The air bubbles will disintegrate into the batter. Ladle crepe batter onto pan and swirl until the base is uniformly covered and cooked, flip and cook for around another 30 seconds.

Buttermilk Pancakes pg. 250
8 oz Flour
1 oz Sugar
.08 oz Salt
.25 oz Baking Powder
3 g Baking Soda
3.5 oz Whole Eggs
1 lb Buttermilk
2 oz Melted Butter

-Well method preparation.
-Combine dry ingredients.
-Combine eggs and buttermilk.
-Create well with dry ingredients whisk in eggs/milk.
-Stir in melted butter.

8 oz Flour
.08 oz Salt
.5 oz Baking Powder
2 oz Egg Yolk
12 oz Milk
4 oz Melted Butter
3 oz Egg White
1 oz Sugar

-Well method preparation.
-Mix dry ingredients in bowl, create well in middle.
-Add egg yolk and milk to center. Whisk together.
-Pour into well and combine ingredients.
-Right before cooking in waffle iron, prepare egg white meringue and fold into batter.

Well/Muffin method. The fat is liquid- you don’t want it too hot. Sift the dry ingredients. Mix egg and milk. Pour in well, stir batter until no lumps. Add fat. Whisk, and put in cooler. Whip whites and sugar to make meringue. Fold into batter. There is not a lot of sugar in the meringue. It is very dry. It is just there to help leaven the batter. The waffle iron is hot, at 390 degrees. Ladle the batter into the center and cook for 3 minutes until golden.

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