Finnish Pulla and Gugelhupf

Finnish Pulla
½ oz Compressed Yeast
4 oz Milk
1 oz Water
1 ¾ oz Sugar
1 t Cardamom
¾ t Kosher Salt
1 egg
2 oz Butter
10.5 oz Bread Flour
1 ea Orange Zest

SDM, braided, egg washed, almonds, sugar
-Use dough hook. Everything in- butter, zest, sugar, salt, flour, mix a little then add yeast, cardamom.

-Water/eggs/milk all mixed together.
-Sticky dough.

-Speed 1 to mix together. When the dough forms move it up to speed 2 for an intensive mix to fully develop the gluten.
-Dough coming together, move to speed 2. Continue mixing for around 10-12 minutes.

-The dough is very sticky and beginning to get a nice shine on top, mix a little longer.
-Flop onto table to round out. As shaping stretch surface to get nice shine.

-You don’t want to use too much flour.
-Wrap top with plastic and bench ferment.

-Cut proofed dough in half, roll into logs.

-Use very little flour if at all.
-Twist the two logs around each other.

-Connect ends around and seal. Flip over so the seam is on the bottom.

-Can divide into 2 oz pieces, round into balls, flatten a little. Make an indent in center with end of rolling pin.
-Fill with filling; pastry cream, cherry pie filling, cream cheese filling. Fill before proofing.

-Egg wash with whole egg and water after proof before baking.
-Sprinkle sliced almonds and pearl sugar on top of braided pulla.

-Sprinkle pearl sugar on little filled pulla.

-Bake in 375 degree convection oven with 2 second steam. Open the damper after they have a nice golden color. Bake for 9-10 minutes.

Gugelhupf Sponge- as class
1520 g Raisins - Soak Raisins in Rum
540 g Dark Rum
200 g Fresh Yeast -Sponge
2160 g Water
135 g Malt
2025 g Bread Flour
-hydrate raisins with rum.
-Not much sugar in recipe, sponge activates yeast.
-Longer you let something ferment, the more flavor and acidity it has.
-Mix sponge ingredients leave for 1-2 hrs in proofer, until doubled in size.

Gugelhupf Dough
1620 ml Milk
135 g Salt
1035 g Sugar
1035 g Butter
18 Eggs
9 ea Lemon Zest
4095 g Bread Flour

-Mix milk, sugar, salt, sponge with paddle in the large mixer.
-Add butter, eggs, and zest and mix on speed 2.
-Add 90% of flour and add rest according to consistency with the remaining 10% flour. *We added all the flour because the dough was sticky.
-Bulk ferment for 1 hour.
-Mix rum and raisin mix.
-Portion 15 oz for each loaf.
-Apply thick coat of butter to large gugelkopf mold and pan of small gugelkopf molds. Sprinkle with sliced almonds.

-Round out one 15 oz portion and make a hole in the middle and put the smooth side down into the mold. Portion remaining dough in 5. Round out dough and put into mini molds, smooth side down.

-Let proof in mold, the cake will rise to about ½ the height of the mold.
-Bake in convection oven 375 degrees until the top of the cake is golden brown.

-Flip pan over onto cooling rack to release cake.

-Dust with powdered sugar.

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