Sponge Method: Ladyfinger Sponge and Tiramisu Assembly

Class 4: Recipes for Ladyfinger Sponge, Mascarpone Tiramisu filling, Chocolate Glacage, Whipped Cream topping. Assembly of Tiramisu.

Tiramisu starting from working with what you have in the kitchen- sugar, coffee, mascarpone cheese.
-Lady Finger sponge is piped in bands for Tiramisu.
-Pipe two 7” rounds for base and center.
-Dust with powdered sugar and bake.
-They must be properly foamed- the longer they sit, the more they relax and loose shape. You want the distinct definition of each finger.
-A warm water bath is used to soften the cheese.
-The lady fingers will be brushed with a coffee simple syrup.

Lady Finger Sponge
180 g Egg Yolks
90 g Sugar
270 g Egg Whites
150 g Sugar
¼ tsp Lemon Juice
300 g Pastry Flour

Making Lady Finger Sponge
-This is a separate foaming method
-Combine the egg yolks with the smaller amount of sugar and whip until it reaches a very thick foam.
-Sprinkle the sugar in while it is whipping.
-A parchment covered sheet tray is set up: two 7” rounds are drawn on and the paper is folded a little larger than the height of the ring- for the fingers to be as tall as the ring when assembling Tiramisu.

-The egg whites are in another mixing bowl whipping with the lemon juice.
-You want a soft foam before beginning to add the sugar.
-Sprinkle in the sugar and whip to stiff peaks.

-Sift the flour.
-Transfer the yolk mixture to a larger bowl for folding.

-Fold the flour into the yolks, starting with 1/3.
-It is going to get very stiff. Add 2nd 3rd of flour.
-Add 1 cup of the meringue to lighten the batter.

-Add the rest of the flour.

-Fold in 1/3 of meringue, then the remaining portion.

-Sift powdered sugar and put aside.
-Put the batter into a piping bag with no tip.
-Use some batter to glue down the corners of the parchment.
-Pipe along the folded edge, next to each other but not on top of each other.
-Pipe circular rings from center out.
-Sift the powdered sugar over the top of rings and fingers
-Bake 375 degree deck oven, about 7 minutes.
-Barely any color wanted.

Tiramisu Mascarpone Filling
2 Egg Yolks
6 oz Sugar
4 oz Water
2 oz Glucose
1 lb Mascarpone
1 lb 8 oz Heavy Cream

Mascarpone Filling and Tiramisu Assembly
-Bring sugar, water, and glucose to 248 degrees.
-Whisk eggs. Drizzle sugar into eggs while continuing to whisk.
-Transfer to mixer, whip until cooled on speed 2, then up to speed 3.
-Set up a cake ring with the lady fingers and lined with acetate.

-You want the fingers just level with the top of the ring.
-Cut the bottom of the fingers with a serrated knife.
-Cut the rounds slightly to fit snugly into the bottom of the finger lined ring.
- Make a simple syrup and add ½ T of Trablit coffee extract.
- Brush the base and fingers with the syrup.

-The mascarpone cheese should be softened. Stir it with a spatula in a bowl over a water bath.
- Whisk the cream in the mixer.
-You can add a little Trablit to the custard for added flavor.
-The eggs are sugar should be cooled, to 108 degrees. A little warmer is better; it should not be below 108.
-Whisk the cream to a soft peak.
-Add some cheese to the eggs and stir with the spatula.

-You want the cheese to melt a little.
-Add another 1/3 and stir, and then the rest of the cheese. There is a risk of the cheese breaking, as mine did when preparing it in class.
-Add the Trablit flavoring.

-Fold in the whipped cream.

-Pour into ring about half way full. Place second round of sponge on top snugly. Fill with mascarpone filling to just below tops of fingers.
-Chill in cooler.

Chocolate Glacage- ½ recipe
3 oz Heavy Cream
3 oz Dark Chocolate
1 oz Butter
Whipped Cream Topping
1 pt Heavy Cream
1 oz Sugar

Preparaing Glacage and Finishing of Tiramisu
-Melt chocolate over water bath.

-Bring cream to a boil. This action re-pasteurizes it allowing it to be kept at room temperature.
-Pour hot cream over chocolate and combine. Different chocolates call for different amounts of cream.

-Add the butter. The butter helps smooth out the graininess of the mixture.

-Mix with a spatula; you don’t want to create any bubbles in the glacage.
-You also don’t want it too hot- this will melt the surface of the Tiramisu or what ever covering. At the same time you don’t want the Tiramisu to be too cold; the glacage will congeal on the surface.
-Pour on top of Tiramisu. You only want to cover the area with the mascarpone filling, not the lady fingers. Using a small offset spatula, spread the chocolate glacage to the edges and tap the Tiramisu on the table to settle any bubbles or lines in the chocolate.

-Put in cooler to set.
-In a mixing bowl, whip the heavy cream and sugar to a soft peak, enough that will hold its shape when piped.
-Have the piping bag ready with a large star tip.
-Pipe a large swirl border on top of the Tiramisu, creating a “Halo” of whipped cream.

-If desired you could still pipe an inscription in the center or place a small placard of chocolate with an inscription on it.
-Sprinkle the cream with chocolate shavings; use the vegetable peeler to get nice curls.
-You can also dust the top with a little powdered sugar.
-Put in the cooler until service.

I was unhappy with the way the Tiramisu turned out. The mascarpone filling split after I added the cheese to the warm egg/sugar mixture. I think if the cheese were warmer and softer it might have helped keep the filling smooth. The taste was good, but the filling lacked the proper creamy texture.

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