Sacher Torte Assembly

Day 17: Classical Torte Production- Sachertorte. Recipes for Sacher Cake Mix and Chocolate Ganache.

Sacher Mix II
135 g Butter
110 g Sugar
120 g Yolks
180 Whites
60 g Sugar
40 g Cake Flour
40 g Cocoa
55 g Almond Powder

Preparing Sacher Cake
-Cream the butter and the first amount of sugar, 110 g. You want it light and airy.

-Sift the dry ingredients.

-Add the yolks to the butter and sugar.
-You don’t need it mixing it a higher speed because it is warm in the room and will emulsify well.
-Add the dry ingredients. Scrape the bowl.

-Mix to combine and finish mixing with a spatula.

-Whip the egg whites. When foamy, add 2nd amount of sugar, 60 g. Whip to stiff peaks.
-Transfer the batter to a bigger bowl to fold in the whites. Fold them in 1/3rds. The first third will lighten the batter.

-Fold in the rest.

-Divide the batter in ½ between two 8” pans, 12 oz in each pan.

-Bake at 310 degrees in the convection oven for around 15 minutes.

Chocolate Ganache
1 lb Chocolate
12 oz Cream

Preparing Chocolate Ganache
-Boil cream and pour over chopped chocolate pieces in a bowl.

-Let it sit and melt the chocolate.
Begin stirring slowly in the center, and once that area is all incorporated, slowly begin to stir outwards, making sure it is incorporated before spreading out.

Finishing Sacher Torte
-Has 2 layers.
-Spread a thin layer of apricot jam on the bottom layer. Put the second layer on top.
-Cover the top and sides in jam, as if icing a cake with buttercream. Think of it a crumb coat.
-You need it smooth so when you put the ganache on it is smooth. This seals the cake.
-Put it on a cakeboard and chill in the cooler.

-You want the ganache warm but not hot. You don’t want it to melt the glaze.
-Put the cake on a sheet rack. The ganache should be fluid. Pour it over the top of the cake and spread outwards with a large offset spatula.
-It should be thick enough to mask the apricot glaze.
-Tap the tray down to release any air bubbles and hit the top with a torch.
-Transfer to a cake board.
-Chill a separate amount of the ganache and save for writing on top. Make a parchment cone and fill with the chilled chocolate. Pipe SACHER on top in a decorative script and a swirl.

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