Croquembouche Assembly

Day 14: Recipe for Nougatine. Fill Profiteroles with Pastry Cream, Prepare Nougatine Base, Assemble Croquembouche, Spun Sugar Garnish.

12 oz Sliced Almonds (Toasted)
1 lb 8 oz Sugar
9.5 oz Glucose
6.5 oz Water

Preparing Nougatine Base
-When the cooking sugar reaches a dark honey color, take if off the heat and let the bubbles settle down.
-Add the toasted almonds and stir.
-Pour them onto a sprayed sheet of parchment paper on top of the workspace, also sprayed with pan spray.
-With another sheet of sprayed parchment on top, press down and roll out the nuts flat. This caramel is very hot!
-Roll until it is a very thin layer.
-While still warm use a cake ring to cut the nougatine. This will serve as the base for the Croquembouche. Let cool.

Building Croquembouche
-Boil some sugar until it reaches a honey colored caramel.
-Fill profiteroles with pastry cream. Cut a small hole in the bottom like with the Éclairs, and fill using the pastry bag and Éclair tip.

-Have the nougatine cut and cooled for the base. Have it on top of a cake board.
-Starting with the largest filled profiteroles, dip them in the caramel and stick them around the base.

-Build up and in between the row below, in a brick pattern, up to the top.

-Have the croquemboche on a cake turntable and using the rest of the caramel and a sugar spinning tool, spin the cake and cover.

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