BPA 100: Breads Day 3; Poolish Baguettes, Pullman Loaves, Focaccia

BPA 100
Day 14, Thursday

Poolish Baguette, Wheat and White Pullman loaves, Focaccia

We began with the Poolish baguette dough in the large mixer.

The Poolish is a percentage of the original amount of flour, water, and yeast of the baguette recipe that is mixed and left out overnight.

Poolish baguette- dough is stiffer. Roll it to 2/3 then press down, flip it around and roll the other 1/3 section to the center. Pinch to close; make sure the seam is closed off and the edges are sealed. Roll it out to 21-22 inches. If you feel an air bubble, flatten it to puncture it. Transfer it to the couche with the seam on the bottom.

The Poolish baguette has a nicer color and the 5 slashes look like a fish eye. The alveoli are irregular and it has a really nice flavor.

1 ½ oz fresh yeast
¾ cup warm water (105˚-115˚)
1 T sugar
8 oz high gluten flour
2 cps cold water (58˚)
¾ cup olive oil
3 oz sugar
2 T salt
1 lb high gluten flour
14 oz bread flour
¼ cup olive oil

Sponge- gives intense flavor, kept 2-3 hours then used. Mix the ingredients for the sponge in the kitchen aid, cover the bowl, and let rest in the proofer.


After the sponge has rested for 2 hours we add it to our mixing bowls with the flour, sugar, and water. After it mixes for 3 minutes the salt is added.

The oil/fat is always last to go into the dough.

At this point you can also add some chopped rosemary or other herbs to flavor the bread. When it makes a nice window pane, close to 10 minutes of mixing later, it is ready to be transferred to another bowl with the ¼ cup of olive oil.

Toss the dough in the oil and then leave it to rise until it nearly doubles, around 45 minutes. Spread the dough out in a half sheet tray, reaching all corners. Create dimples by poking your fingertips down into the dough. Let it rest for another 15 minutes after shaping it in the pan.

After that top it with whatever ingredients you would like, i.e. herbs, tomatoes, cheese, and bake in the convection oven at 375˚ for around 30 minutes.

Pullman Loaves

Use melted shortening to brush onto the sides, base, and top of the pullman molds.

The Wheat pullman dough is sectioned into 18 oz portions.

Punch and fold in similar fashion to baguette; roll to length of mold.

After proofing for 20 minutes or so in mold, press dough into sides of mold.

White Pullman- 2 lb 2 oz rolls, rest, then shape. Baked with lid on tin.

Baked Pullman Loaf breads- The white bread is dense, has sweet smell, and soft crumb. The flavors develop as it cools. The wheat is flatter, the bran cuts into the gluten a little making the bread a little denser.

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